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Ringmaster emailSun, 19th May 2024

Ringmaster email

Relentless on car crime

Reporting a crime? Call 101 or 999

• Lock doors, windows, the boot and sunroof every time you leave your car, however briefly.
• Always use a steering lock.
• Register your car and all its contents on the national property database www.immobilise.com
• Don’t leave bags, coats or change on display. The cost of replacing a broken window is often far more than the value of goods stolen. If you can, take your things with you. If you can’t, lock everything out of sight in the boot.
• Never leave driving documents or personal letters inside your car. They could help a thief to sell your car or provide a cover story if stopped by the police.
• Don’t leave satnavs on display when you’re not in your car.
• Keep valuables out of sight while you’re driving and consider keeping the doors locked.
• Take the ignition key out even when the car is parked in your drive or garage and always set the immobiliser. If you don’t have an immobiliser, consider having one fitted.
• Always keep your car keys in a safe place at home, away from windows and doors and preferably in a locked cupboard or cabinet. At night take them to bed with you.