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   B&NES Consultation and propsals for Hinton Charterhouse    5 April, 2024

Good afternoon,

I don't know if you remember, but you kindly helped me to table a discussion with the Parish Council on the 1st November 2023.

The purpose of my presentation was to discuss the a potential development on the field south of the village between Tuggy’s Lane and the Horse Pond.

The emerging Bath and North East Somerset Local Plan 2022-2042 is currently consulting the public on their draft options.

For the rural areas, such as Hinton Charterhouse, they will be looking at non-strategic elements of growth over the plan period ie. not through the Local Plan.

The Options document has presented a list of the comparatively sustainable villages for the Local Plan to explore for some growth, however Hinton Charterhouse has not been included in this list.

Attached are the representations being made to promote Hinton Charterhouse (in particular the site) as a potential option for proportionate and sustainable development within BANES.

Please could you pass this email and its contents on to the Parish Council members, as if there is support for proportional growth within Hinton Charterhouse, now would be a very good time to make representations.

The main questions being asked of the public are:

Question 1: Approach to rural development locations

Do you agree with this approach to potential development locations in rural areas? Do you think we should aim to concentrate new development in the most sustainable villages, or spread it across all identified villages? Please give reasons for your answer.

Question 2: Assessment of priority villages

Is our assessment of these priority areas appropriate and effective? Is there anything else you think we should consider? Please give reasons for your answer. 

The link below will take you to the web page where you can submit comments (and upload any supporting documents)

Click here to go to B&NES consulation There is a Have Your Say section further down the page. You will note that Hinton Charterhouse is not currently being considered.

The following bullet points are based on the summary of representations made by Rocke Associates and Kann Architecture, which anyone would be free to use as talking points if they were to submit a comment.

•     The Options Document highlights the importance of addressing the needs of rural areas and villages.

•     The current strategy based on rigid categorization of villages isn't effective, leading to issues like lack of affordable housing and poor access to amenities.

•     The decline in facilities is inversely related to growth, negatively impacting non-RA1 villages.

•     A smarter approach to growth in all villages is necessary.

•     Local Plan-led growth is essential to ensure balanced development and address local needs.

•     The proposed village options may worsen existing problems rather than resolve them.

•     Hinton Charterhouse compares favourably with villages selected for growth based on key facilities and accessibility to Bath.

•     Modest growth in Hinton Charterhouse is justified to sustain existing facilities and provide affordable housing.

•     A new policy approach should consider the needs and potentials of all settlements against constraints like Green Belt.

•     Adjustments to Green Belt boundaries may be necessary to allow for sustainable growth in rural settlements.

•     The omission site off Tuggy’s Lane in Hinton Charterhouse presents an opportunity for development with significant community benefits.

•     These benefits include market and affordable housing, public spaces, traffic calming measures, and ecological enhancements.

•     Developing the omission site is crucial for sustaining the socio-economic balance and ensuring the village's sustainability.

Many Thanks for all your help,

All the Best,

Robert Kann


You can view Robert's proposal for the site here

His representation to B&NES for Hinton Charterhouse to be included in the list of villages to be considered is here

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