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Variable Message Sign at PipehouseBANES have proposed two alternative sites for a Variable Message SIgn both near Pipehouse Lane (see news section for detail). What do you think of the location or indeed the signs themselves?
Traffic calming in Hinton CharterhouseHow can we best deal with traffic travelling too fast through the village?
Proposed development - horse pond landWhat do you think about the proposals to develop the field between the village and the horse pond? Constructive feedback here will be passed to BandNES.
Post Office and ShopConcerns over viability of Hinton Post Office and Stores
Pipehouse Proposed DevelopmentPipehouse proposed development
Internet ConnectionInternet Connection
Green Spaces and Footpaths & Cycle WaysGreen Spaces and Footpaths & Cycle Ways
Development of the South Stoke PlateauDevelopment of the South Stoke Plateau